We just hang together with no particular agenda. It's loose, it's casual, it's informal.


We want to feel comfortable saying what's on our minds. Sometimes we have a guest speaker, sometimes we discuss important stuff about relationships and being men.


Sometimes we just have a good time enjoying good humor. There is an understanding that the fun is good-natured and not at anyone's expense. Here, respect is given and expected, and there's no room for gossip.


We like to play games together. Some nights we watch a movie. There are always refreshments. Someone will bring in his latest kitchen creation, and we all get to sample the results...good or bad!


We work to develop a real feel of sharing. When we accept without judgment, then we can share our feelings without fear.


We like one another, it's as simple as that. By caring about each other, we grow more comfortable with ourselves and learn that there are men who think we matter because we think they matter.


We recognize that we only go around once, and we choose to make the orbit something special. The group is a safe space to be who we are, experience new things, and to be happy doing it.


The old saying holds true here: “Want a friend? Be a friend.” We create the safe space we want to be in. We work to be the men we want to have as friends.